Hi! I’m Whitney

I find inspiration in the little things, and then I paint them. It can be as simple as a tiny bird, on the beach, to my favorite flavor of ice cream. After creating a set of images, I like to turn them into note cards, fabric patters, or all sorts of little things. It makes me happy.

My Art Journey.

Since I was a kid, I have loved to paint and draw. I think it began by seeing images my late grandmother painted all throughout my home growing up. I remember thinking, “If my grandmother was an artist maybe I can be too.” I began taking classes in school. Even during the summer, I would try to improve my skills. One summer, I drew portrait after portrait trying to master the human face.

In 2006, the most beautiful muse was born. Not too long after that a brother, a sister, and one more brother came along. Each of my children is just as beautiful and inspiring as their big sister. As amazing as they are, my creativity was put on hold. I dabbled in a few craft: I made hair bows, jewelry, and did some scrapbooking. I painted for Christmas and baby showers gifts. But, the consistency of art didn’t fit in to my mommy-life until now! My kiddos are finally all potty trained and all in school!

I love having the time to creating art just for arts sake. Creating collections of my choice has been liberating! I appreciate getting opinions from friends about their favorites; whether it is flavor of ice cream, hot chocolate, or flower. Their input adds another dimension to my painting. My paintings come to life if I picture my dainty, little friend drinking her almond hot chocolate out of her porcelain teacup.

With this new found time, I am more purposeful with my art. I am now creating collections and patterns that can be used for various products and lines. My hope is to work with many more companies in the future, licensing my work on more products, and making them available to more people.